Volii for Volunteer Organizations

“Volii is an interesting and interactive app which I believe will allow volunteers to start seeing the impact they have, not just for our organization, but community-wide. It will also give us a way to capture statistics about volunteers in Brantford and Brant County in a way we are currently unable to do.”

Kari Astles, CVRM Senior Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement Brant Community Healthcare System
Los Angeles

Volii is the new solution for volunteer organizations. With a more social media approach, Volii engages volunteers of all ages.

This revolutionary, volunteer focused solution works to allow organizations to easily recruit, engage, and recognize volunteers, while also providing seamless reporting and data.


Volii is the new solution for volunteer organizations.

Since volunteers can set up profiles and use it to match their cause interests and skills to volunteer opportunities, volunteers are able to find your organization easily. Volunteers will be more informed about your organization and the position requirements prior to contacting you, giving you better leads on volunteers. With the ability to search for volunteers interested in your cause, and screen and filter them based on their skills and experience prior to meeting them, Volii creates better matches and saves volunteer organizations time.


Volii allows you to give feedback to volunteers,
as well as get feedback from them on your events and positions.

With facilitated discussions on specific causes, or even specific organizations, you will have the opportunity to directly communicate with volunteers on things that matter. Volii empowers volunteer leaders to moderate discussions and mentor others, keeping those new to volunteering more engaged.

The Future of Volunteering


Make it easy to track each volunteers activity and validate their hours. This will make scheduling and time tracking most effective


Volunteers will receive continuous measurable volunteer impact messages,
and achievements for their volunteer efforts.

Automatic direct impact messaging gives volunteers instant gratification, putting their hours into meaning (such as congratulating a volunteer for feeding four families for a week after 40 hours of volunteering at their local food bank). Your organization has the opportunity to acknowledge great volunteers that go above and beyond, keeping them engaged and connected to the cause.


Volii tracks your volunteers hours and activities so you can
improve future activities.

Allows you to run reports on volunteers for hours and activities. Reports are also available for any events that your volunteers participate in. There are several ways to break down and analyze these reports for different action items.

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