Volii for Volunteers

“Having access to a local volunteer placement resource would make it much easier to recruit and place volunteers in Brant. Not just because it would be easier for potential volunteers to find opportunities suited to their interests and abilities, but also because such a resource would make it much easier to promote and support the spirit of volunteerism in the region.”

Lian Ellis, CVA Manager, Volunteer Services Brain Injury Services – Hamilton
Los Angeles

Volii is your official partner in volunteering. Volii works to make volunteering meaningful, social, and fun. The network of volunteers and volunteer organizations provides a niche social network, allowing volunteers to join a community of like-minded individuals.

Building your profile

Just like social media platforms, Volunteers create a profile on Volii – their “impact profile”.

  • Use your profile to share stories of your volunteer experiences, and connect with fellow volunteers in your community.

  • Volii allows for easy hour tracking across all of the organizations you volunteer for.

  • Volii sends you personalized impact messages and accomplishments from organizations you have volunteered for.

Volii gives you an insight into how your efforts have helped your community. For example, if you volunteer at your local food bank for 40 hours, you will receive an achievement of “Fed 100 people” to your profile.

Use your impact profile to promote your own individual social responsibility,
and share your reasons for volunteering.

Volii provides tools to help you find meaningful opportunities that work for you. Use the “events” feature to find
charity events near you, and volunteer as a group with your family, friends, or coworkers!

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