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Revolutionizing Volunteer Solutions

Volii is a comprehensive volunteering solution that is much more volunteer focused than existing solutions.

  • Traditional volunteer management solutions primarily focus on recruitment and volunteer management. Volii integrates recruitment, management, engagement, and recognition into a volunteer focused solution based off social media trends.
  • Volii utilizes individual “volunteer profiles” to match cause interests and skills to volunteer opportunities. With the ability to screen and filter volunteers based on skills and experience prior to meeting them, Volii saves time and creates better matches.
  • Volii works to engage volunteers with frequent discussions, mentor opportunities, and more. Volunteers have the opportunity to build their “impact profile”, with continuous measurable volunteer impact and achievements.

Our vision is to bring volunteering to the forefront of the identity of individuals, communities, and businesses, thereby improving the quality and vibrancy of life of communities around the world.

To provide tools to make volunteering simpler, more meaningful, and more fun!

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